Monday, December 20, 2010


Two eyes met like birds
slamming into a window. The shock
of everything coming to a sudden stop
left the gaze hanging in the air,
a feather after the collision.
And in that short look, before he blinked away
he knew he had a chance, at fun
at happiness, maybe
even life itself.
It was clear as windows stopping
birds all over the world,
all he had to do was speak!
Fortune favors the bold
but he never claimed to be.

Monday, December 13, 2010

finals week

i just turned in my poetry portfolio that was full of revisions to poems i have turned in this semester here is one of the revisions thank you for your time


Wanderin’ around some dark wood
long past the dead of night.
I came across an older man,
singing songs at his lone campsite.
His eyes were sharp, his hair
the strings of a harp. I knew right then
I’d have to be careful of him,
him with a smile like the Devil’s,
and the scent of hellish brim


I turned around, turned from that grin
and ran through them woods. I tripped
and fell and picked myself up, to be greeted by
two death-hollowed eyes.
I scampered back and cried
to our lord God on high
as I tried escape once more,
one more futile try.

But try as I might I kept coming back,
kept coming back to that man in black.
No matter where I ran, no matter where I turned
there he was a-waitin’, waitin’ for my poor soul.
With a voice like sulfur he spoke to me as if a friend,
“Run all you want, but you can’t run from sin.”

He cackled high, and he cackled loud,
my vision went to black. Next thing I know
I’m wakin’ up in the middle of them cursed woods.
A dream you ask? Well hell, maybe, but listen here
and listen close. That man? well he still hauntin’ me
and will ‘til I sleep for good.

Friday, December 10, 2010

First Ever Passin' Bird Poetry Reading!

I thought I'd go ahead and try something new with this poem. It's made the rounds a few times so I don't know if you've read it or not. Chances are you have, so feel free to skip it. It's pretty important to me, very personal so it would mean a lot if you'd spare some time to check it out if you have the chance.

Monday, December 6, 2010

here is a new poetries. i don't quite know what to call it so i'm just going to use the first line as the title because i have seen that done before.

With comet-like fingers

With comet-like fingers
she streaked constellations across my back.
Holding each other close, as planets
do to their moons, we whispered meteors
eroding the earth surrounding our cores.

If I were to continue
this metaphor of this starry night,
what more could I compare?
This feeling, brighter than stars,
the two galaxies in her skull.
These thoughts piercing my mind's nebulae,
asteroids cratering my heart's crust

Yes, I guess it would compare most
with the heat death of our universe;
destroying all I've known
to replace it
with something new.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Lil white rabbit hoppin' through them woods,
red fox saw her and he bit her good.
Lil white rabbit got up again,
limpin' away she gon' reach the end.

Lil white rabbit limpin' through them woods,
black cat saw her and he clawed her good.
Lil white rabbit got up again,
bleedin' away she gon' reach the end.

Lil white rabbit bleedin' through them woods,
brown bear saw her, ended her life for good.
Lil white rabbit never reached the end
but in another life she gon' try again.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


this is a little something i threw together because it seemed like fun. i don't quite know what i can do to make it better but here it is anyway!

Robert Frost Had it Wrong

Two path diverged in a yellow wood
and sorry that I saw just two.
One path more traveled
one much less so
but still, only two.

One foot in front of the other
tramping brush and fern underfoot
soul and soles gliding over
roots and trickles of water, puddles
of dewy tears from the trees'
leaves, eaves overhead.

With no idea of where I was going,
which is an advantage of making
your own trail through the woods,
I tried in vain to remember all
the twists and turns my legs took
with a power all their own.

Traveling with no destination in mind,
going where no other had been,
made the sights all the more gorgeous.
Such a shame that travelers before me
seemed to think that only
Two path diverged in a yellow wood.
i am going to try to push myself to make a poetries like two or three times a week for this thing. don't hold me to that, i reserve every right to be lazy and slack off!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Dealin’ With Old Nick

Well one hot day I was wanderin’, just wanderin’,
tryin’ to see just what to do.
Guitar on my back and cheap whiskey in my gut,
Lord I just wanna play some soul filled blues.
But everytime I ask, barman just says that same damn thing,
“Get ‘long now Mr. Johnson, ain’t no one here,
ain’t one damn soul what likes your sound.”

Now you know a man gets tired,
‘is soul gets broke, wastin’ his time,
just wastin’ all his time all footin’ around
tryin’ to find a place to play his tunes.
But all this aside, you know I just got one thing,
only that one thing weighin’ on my mind;
Gonna be the only one, only one ‘round
makes a guitar sing worthy of that Delta sound.
And now ya’ll now I been tryin’
frettin’ my fingers all up and down that neck.
two black widows wrappin’ up they prey
Ain’t nothin’ happenin’, can’t get that sound I need.
Reckon I just gotta, reckon I gotta sell my soul,
Sell it right to the hands of that mean bastard Ol’ Nick.
Gonna tell him my price, gotta be the best with a pick.
Oh and I know the story gonna be heard,
gonna be heard far and wide,
‘bout what I got to do
Hell, let ‘em hear, let ‘em talk, ‘cause anything worth doin’
well, it’s worth doin’ through and through.

Tonight I’ll be found walkin’
Walkin’ down to them crossroads in the fadin’ light.
‘Cause you know when that sun goes down
and the stars all shinin’ on them creatures of the night,
Devil starts makin’ deals, makin’ them left and right.
After that price gets paid, and them hands been shaked,
all them folk what shunned me before, they all gonna ask
“Oh my, Mr. Johnson, how’d you get so good?
How’d you get so mean with them six strings?
I’m gonna tell ‘em face to face, tell ‘em eye to eye
“Devil made an offer, waved my soul goodbye.”
Oh and I know they gonna ask me,
Know they gonna ask me time and time again,
“Was it worth it Mr. Johnson, what you had to lose?”
And I’m gonna laugh and howl, look ‘em in the eye and smile
“Course it was, I’m the King of the Delta Blues.”

Thursday, November 18, 2010

here is a poetries

The Bluesman and the Lovebirds

The bluesman swayed and crooned a tune,

a tale of two lovers in a world of hate.

Two, too different lovers, where they just didn’t belong.

Like young lovebirds they flew as one,

flew as one right out of that place, looking to find a new, unknown fate.

And all the while they flew, with each flap of the wings

They whispered their sing-song sonnets, so only

the other could hear.

The bluesman sang on, of the man

and all his troubles. Of how the townsmen,

how all those jealous townsmen wanted to have that love,

Of how their jealousy led soon to hate

Of how they beat him

How they broke him

How they sliced up his face

They carved Chelsea’s permanent smile deep within his cheeks.

That night he ran, and like two lovebirds

He and she fled as one, leaving late that night

Before the rising sun

Their flight was long and hard

Slowly took its toll

As they grew in age

Their feathers turned back to hair

Their lovesongs faded voices oh so fair.

Till all but a whisper was heard

Then came a day when a bird didn’t wake

And like a pair of lovebirds would

Soon both lay beneath the earth

The bluesman stood up, his story all done

He put away his guitar, as the last lonely cloud

Made its way across the gray canvas of sky

The bluesman’s voice hung in the air and

Slowly he walked away from the gravestone

Of two lovers who died too young

postin' the poetries

i am going to post some poetries here and maybe you will like them?!