Tuesday, April 19, 2011

hi guys it has been a long time please do not hate on me. i have written a bunch of poetries but this one is my favorite so far. this is the second draft, there is another revision in the works but i actually really like it where it's at right now. so without further ado here it is, i hope you enjoy it.

Thoughts I Had While Flying Home


steamboat’s weight worth

of cicadas’ droning

drowning out whatever

my relative says. It’s not important

that the sun hangs low or

that the air is closer to a stew,

thick and bubbling with the scent of heat. I’m numb to it,

the vibrations of countless crystalline

wings blocking it all out


block out the sun


times this week I sat legs crossed

head back laughing while the grilling meat

told a sizzling tale, a

spiced up story begging to be

devoured by us eager meat eating listeners


days ago we sat while the artificial

stars on our vine hidden porch blinked in time with

their highborn brothers and sisters. And all I

could do was sit and watch, bourbon

in one hand, cigar in the other


redneck hick prick bastards

hollering that the South will rise again,

too full of cheap rotgut whiskey to realize

the South they want, She’s not ever coming back

She never really fell in the first place

No, she just changed, she just grew

into something a little less ugly