Thursday, November 18, 2010

here is a poetries

The Bluesman and the Lovebirds

The bluesman swayed and crooned a tune,

a tale of two lovers in a world of hate.

Two, too different lovers, where they just didn’t belong.

Like young lovebirds they flew as one,

flew as one right out of that place, looking to find a new, unknown fate.

And all the while they flew, with each flap of the wings

They whispered their sing-song sonnets, so only

the other could hear.

The bluesman sang on, of the man

and all his troubles. Of how the townsmen,

how all those jealous townsmen wanted to have that love,

Of how their jealousy led soon to hate

Of how they beat him

How they broke him

How they sliced up his face

They carved Chelsea’s permanent smile deep within his cheeks.

That night he ran, and like two lovebirds

He and she fled as one, leaving late that night

Before the rising sun

Their flight was long and hard

Slowly took its toll

As they grew in age

Their feathers turned back to hair

Their lovesongs faded voices oh so fair.

Till all but a whisper was heard

Then came a day when a bird didn’t wake

And like a pair of lovebirds would

Soon both lay beneath the earth

The bluesman stood up, his story all done

He put away his guitar, as the last lonely cloud

Made its way across the gray canvas of sky

The bluesman’s voice hung in the air and

Slowly he walked away from the gravestone

Of two lovers who died too young

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