Monday, December 13, 2010

finals week

i just turned in my poetry portfolio that was full of revisions to poems i have turned in this semester here is one of the revisions thank you for your time


Wanderin’ around some dark wood
long past the dead of night.
I came across an older man,
singing songs at his lone campsite.
His eyes were sharp, his hair
the strings of a harp. I knew right then
I’d have to be careful of him,
him with a smile like the Devil’s,
and the scent of hellish brim


I turned around, turned from that grin
and ran through them woods. I tripped
and fell and picked myself up, to be greeted by
two death-hollowed eyes.
I scampered back and cried
to our lord God on high
as I tried escape once more,
one more futile try.

But try as I might I kept coming back,
kept coming back to that man in black.
No matter where I ran, no matter where I turned
there he was a-waitin’, waitin’ for my poor soul.
With a voice like sulfur he spoke to me as if a friend,
“Run all you want, but you can’t run from sin.”

He cackled high, and he cackled loud,
my vision went to black. Next thing I know
I’m wakin’ up in the middle of them cursed woods.
A dream you ask? Well hell, maybe, but listen here
and listen close. That man? well he still hauntin’ me
and will ‘til I sleep for good.

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