Tuesday, March 27, 2012

wherein i did not win a poetry contest

which honestly isn't a big deal! it cost me nothing, literally zero things, to enter it so it's not a big loss at all. the good news is now that the contest is over, i think i can post my submission! like i said in the last post, it's a revision of an older poem of mine, so it might seem familiar to the two readers i have. without further ado, here it is!

Thoughts While Flying Home

steamboat’s weight worth
of cicadas’ droning
drowning out whatever
my cousin twice removed is saying.  It’s not important
that the sun hangs low or
that the air is closer to a stew,
thick and bubbling with the scent of heat.  I’m numb to it,
the vibrations of countless crystalline
wings blocking it all out
block out the sun

times this week I sat legs crossed
head back laughing while grilling meat
told a tale, full of sizzle with a spiced up plot,
our mouths drip dripping with lust,
and our tiny plastic pitchforks hungry in the air

nights straight we sat while artificial
stars on our vine hidden porch blinked in time with
their highborn stellar kin.  And all I
could do was sit and watch, bourbon
in one hand and cigar in the other

kids in a tree,
no fears, no cares
responsibilities unheard of
sap the only worry, once it sticks
to hair or skin the only way out is a bath.
back to the tree one day and
all we found was a stump

redneck hick prick bastards
hollering that the South will rise again,
too full of cheap rotgut whiskey to realize
the South they want, She’s not ever coming back
She never really fell in the first place
No, she just changed, she just grew
into something a little less ugly,
a child after a tantrum

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  1. One of my favorite of your poems. Enter it in more contests.