Friday, September 16, 2011

so that last post was pretty personal and serious and deep and that is not what i like being so here is a recent poem that is kind of lighthearted!

SWM seeking Muse

single white male looking for whiskey soaked rhymes
and a heart full of blues lines. I need that
Delta sound filling me up inside.
So your flowery sonnets with their flowery
words need not apply.
If the meaning is lost in pretentiousness
it's a mess.
And I don't feel like cleaning it up.
If a poem needs translation
from English to english then
it's worth none of my time.
So let me repeat:

I need that Southern heat, that tea so sweet
it curls your toes
I need vine covered walls and portrait plastered walls.
I need lines that make you feel,
not make you think
so hard you get an anuerysm.
I need the passion, the pleasure of a Southern belle in bloom,
the sound of cicadas
and the company of good

So save your high brow speech for some other forlorn poet
Because I need you
to speak to me
Like a memory filled summer on a porch,
my blood thinned by whiskey and the air so humid
it leaves you
for more


  1. Perfectly sums up how I feel about poetry too.

  2. woah that is quite the name you got there